About us

„Nadejda 76” was founded in 1990 as a Sole Merchant (ET) in Sofia. In 2005 it was transformed into Limited Liability Company (OOD) with capital in the amount of BGN 140 000. From the very beginning we have been developing as one of the most stable transportation and forwarding companies in Bulgaria, operating destinations to every country in Europe.
In the early years the company operated mainly in Bulgaria. In 1995 we made our first steps on the international market and very soon we gained excellent reputation and relations with our clients in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.
Currently we are a reliable partner for our clients’ transportation needs in EU, including Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Croatia and other European destinations.
„Nadejda 76“ team has experience and traditions in cargo forwarding within EU, as well as in the other parts of Europe. We work in an environment of good motivation and positive atmosphere. Implementing our abilities and knowledge of transportation management we provide timely information and offer quick, precise, innovative and comprehensive solutions, which meet our clients’ specific needs.
This allows us to generate progress.
Our team is dedicated to quality, care and smooth communication with all participants in the delivery chain.