Our trucks

"Nadejda 76" Ltd. operates a high-tech and new truck fleet, which fully complies with the standards and requirements of the European Union.
Our vehicles are licensed and equipped with the necessary technology and the drivers are trained and well experienced in transporting conventional and ADR goods, including Class 1 hazardous cargo  (explosion-risk cargo ).
All trucks are equipped with GPS system for control and monitoring in real time, which ensures safety of the drivers, the cargo and the trucks. It enables our clients to track the movement of the cargo carrying trucks at any time in order to provide for subsequent processes of marketing the goods.
We operate  12 DAF tractors. They are of  Euro 5 environmental emission class. We also have  12 Schmitz certified XL semi-trailers (The useful trailer dimensions range from: 13.62 x 2.5 x 2.78 m - 13.62 x 2.5 x 2.85 m
They are equipped with the required number of cargo securingbelts , anti-slip rubber pads and goods securing corners.